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The guide staff at Timberghost is truly the lifeblood of our operation with the senior guide staff making up the heart and soul of our business.


Our senior staff consists of veteran whitetail enthusiasts who excel not only at understanding whitetail behavior and habits with the ability to train and teach incoming staff, but also exemplify the true meaning of sincere customer service. What makes our guide staff different from other operations is that we love what we do for a living, are friends with the guys we guide with, and we want everyone to do well.  We work together as a team, a single unit, with the goal of ensuring our guests’ expectations are exceeded. Hunters and guests not only recognize the efforts of our Guide team, but appreciate it and have come to expect it from us as much as we expect it from ourselves.


Our guide staff puts you, the hunter, first.  The number one job we expect from our guides is to find out what our clients want and expect from their hunting experience and then discuss the best options and choices with them as we plan each day’s hunt. We do everything that we can to exceed those expectations.


The overall atmosphere is relaxed and fun, but behind the scenes we all work very hard to make sure that the entire Timberghost staff comes across professional and courteous at all times while making your hunting adventure a once in a lifetime memory.  Timberghost guides are authentic; some are funny, some serious, some fluent in ballistics, some in Nascar, some hunt Africa, some fish Canada. But at the end of the day their hunter’s all say the same things:


“My guide really knew his deer….”

“I wasn’t sure, but he was confident….”

“He was just a lot of fun to hunt with…”

“…..was watching out for me… you know my knees are bad, so we hunted flat ground…”

“… listened to what I was looking for and we found the perfect buck…”


Regardless of whether you are hunting a fully guided 1x1 hunt or semi-guided hunt you can rest assured that every guide in camp is sincerely interested in your success and working behind the scenes to make sure you walk away knowing we did everything in our power to make your trip a success.  Most guests start out as clients but almost all, over time, have come to be friends.  Our professional staff works together to put on an incredible show for you from the moment you come through the gate to the moment you leave so we can continue to enjoy the flawless reputation our guide staff has built over the past 19 years.


Great guiding is 50% deer/hunting knowledge and field judging, and 50% Customer service.  To be a valued part of the Timberghost guide staff, they must be excellent at both!


timberghost P.O. Box 545 Office Phone: 319-394-9876 Mike Hine, gm: 319-759-8860
guides & staff

guides & staff

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guides & staff

guides & staff

timberghost P.O. Box 545
guides & staff